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Speaking spanish biotech producers are becoming more powerful globally

One of the recent pharmaceutical companies like Cinfa started its activity in the Local Gulf through UAE gets now in Kuwait.

The experience will begin marketing its own brand nine performances for asthma, hypertension and diabetes.

Currently, Cinfa existing 50 countries on 5 continents, by exporting plus marketing of private brand products, and selling products to third parties.

The Middle East is one of the http://youtu.be/A9JTN0zG45Y main focuses of the company within the coming years, hopes in order to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain and Oman.

The portfolio of Almirall marketed through its fourteen branches, commercial capabilities in 22 countries in European countries plus the United Says and Mexico, and through agreements with strategic partners in over 70 countries on five continents.

Within addition, they say, "we maintain collaborations and contracts with other companies plus academic reference axes in order to create synergies, bring the goals and accelerate Ur.

Worldwide expansion is a foundation in the future in the medium and long-term Ferrer.

It has 19 subsidiaries globally, as well as many production.

Within 2014, international business accounted for over 54 percent associated with global business, growing in three points from 2013.

The intention, as says the business is still heavily growing this percentage.

To perform so, "the strategy is usually to consolidate our presence in Europe and Latin America, through subsidiaries plus expand global operations through joint ventures and proper partnerships.

" Esteve can also be the most advanced in the process of expanding companies.

In 2014 60 percent of sales came from international markets.

"Our major international market is the United States.

In addition, here, following our recent connections with Mundipharma for the development of new medicines for pain, we possess booked the marketing privileges of the molecule E-58425 for the American market, which usually will be a new milestone in what pertains to internationalization, "explained from the company.

Internationalization continues to be and is one associated with the strategic pillars associated with Grifols.

It has immediate geographical presence in 25 countries through its very own subsidiaries, has production services in america, Spain, Australia and Switzerland and with one hundred fifty plasma donation centers in the United States.

In 2014 more than 80 percent of sales had been concentrated between Europe plus the US, while additional emerging regions for example Latin America and Asia-Pacific gain weight gradually.

Increase presence in new areas with growth potential remains the objectives.

Specifically, UAE and its hinterland, as "one of the six countries that form the Gulf Cooperation Council (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, sales jobs in indianapolis Saudi Arabia and United Arabic Emirates) are in draft 15 hospitals, " state.

Kern Pharma has just one subsidiary in England but has sales networks in Russia, Venezuela plus Colombia.

In 2014, these people recorded greater than 50 brand-new products outside Spain plus 23 percent of product sales came from https://youtu.be/0dHAgXvN6LM foreign markets.

Latin America, they state, is one of the areas with much interest.

PharmaMar, Zeltia subsidiary sells directly across Europe and has pizer four operating subsidiaries (France, Italy, Germany plus Switzerland) and this year will open two some other (probably in Belgium and the UK).

It also provides offices in Ny, through which activities of Task Management and Business Growth are performed.

Finally, although the presence of Rovi internationally in terms of subsidiaries or business networks will be practically zero, its products are introduced in more than 50 countries.

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